Welcome! The Georgia Council of Adoption Lawyers, Inc. (GCAL), is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation formed in 2010 to provide education, support, and advocacy for Georgia’s lawyers, judiciary and the public at large. Fellows of GCAL are expected to meet the highest standards for adoption attorneys and provide exemplary service to their clients, including the adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees who form the adoption triad.

GCAL’s  five part mission is as follows:

  1. providing for the education and collegial support of the adoption lawyer community in the State of Georgia,
  2. providing general information and education about adoption and adoption law to the public,
  3. providing for the development, promotion, and sharing of best practices and standards for adoption attorneys and Fellows of the Association,
  4. providing legislative comment and advocacy upon request of an elected official or when deemed appropriate by membership, and
  5. providing support to the judicial branch of the government of the State of Georgia via education and submission of amicus briefs where necessary and appropriate.

Individuals seeking an attorney should consult the GCAL Attorney Directory

Membership in GCAL is by invitation only; more information concerning membership is available on our Admissions Page