GCAL is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Officers and a Member-At-Large. Officers and Directors serve two-year terms. Current members of the Board of Directors are:

While the Board sets policy and the agenda for GCAL , GCAL conducts most of its work through committees. Current committees are as follows:

Advocacy Committee: Ruth Claiborne and Jim Outman, Co-Chairs
The Advocacy Committee reviews requests from Fellows or the public for litigation assistance, Amicus support, legislative commentary or drafting, public commentary, and campaign activity. The Committee makes recommendations to the GCAL Board regarding action on any such issues.

Admissions Committee: Christina Bennett, Chair
The Admissions Committee reviews applications for admission to GCAL and makes recommendations to the Board regarding approval of applications. The Committee also has authority to make a recommendation to the Board that an attorney be invited to join GCAL or that a member of the public be recognized as an Honorary Fellow.

Best Practices & Standards Committee: Vernadette Broyles, Chair
The Best Practices & Standards Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding GCAL'S Code of Ethics as well as provides assistance to Fellows with issues related to best practices in adoption law.

Education Committee: Sherry V, Neal, Chair
The Education Committee works to educate attorneys and the greater public on Adoption Law in Georgia. Around four times a year, the Committee puts together Lunch n' Learns, which are open to any attorneys interested.

Technology Committee: Jessica Gordon, Chair
The Technology Committee assists the board in working with outside vendors to ensure that the website is working and up-to-date on member information, calendar events, general announcements and member-only-access to certain documents.

Public Relations Committee: Lindsey Verity, Chair
The Public Relations Committee assists the Board with promoting GCAL both to other lawyers and the general public through the GCAL website, public service announcements, and other media.

National Adoption Day Committee: Justin Hester, Chair
The National Adoption Day Committee is tasked with putting together events to celebrate and honor adoptions on National Adoption Day.